Request to Expand By Laws in regard to field of Membership

June 10, 2024

By: Lisa Perrin

Division of Banks 

Worcester, Massa­chusetts has petitioned
the Commissioner of Banks for permission to
amend its by­ laws pursuant to Massachu­setts
General Laws chapter 171 section lO to expand the
associations which qualify persons for membership. The
amendment  relative  to membership eligibility pro­poses
to expand geographic membership eligibility to include those 
who work, reside, or attend school in the remaining municipalities
within Worcester County that are not within Worcester Credit
Union's current geographic field of member­ ship, as well as
to provide updated definitions and other clarifications.
Any objections or comments relative to this proposal must be
communi­cated in writing to the Commissioner of Banks,
1000 Washington  Street,  10th Floor, Boston, Massachusetts 02118

or via electronic mail to 
[email protected] no later than June 26, 2024. 

A public hearing may be held if the response is considered significant
or circumstances warrant such hearing, as determined by the 
The petitioner's application and all communications relative to this
applica­tion are available from the Division  by  request  at 
[email protected].

Commissioner of Banks

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