Congrats to our Member Services Team for Stopping a Fraudulent Transaction

June 18, 2021

By: Worcestor CU

Congrats to our Member Services Team for Stopping a Fraudulent Transaction

Yesterday a non-member at a Worcester CU drive-up window asked to cash a check written on the account of “S.M.,” a Worcester CU member. Our member services person followed our strict procedures for this type of transaction. While matching the signature of our member who supposedly wrote the check, our Relationship Specialist discovered that the signatures did not match. She immediately called the member to ask if he wrote the check and if he was familiar with the person trying to cash the check. The member immediately let us know to absolutely not cash the check!  He was grateful to our team for following procedures to protect his account. He told us that another financial institution had just cashed a fraudulent check on his account. “S.M.” was so grateful he came by with gift cards for the member services team.

Way to go, team for following the proper procedures and preventing a fraudulent transaction!

And thank you, “S.M.” for the gift cards!

Lisa Perrin

Worcester Credit Union

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